Titan Series Mexico has a commitment to the population and environment of La Paz, so the TITAN LIFE campaign has been launched, which aims to implement action measures and raise awareness among participants to ensure that the passage of the caravan and cyclist squad are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

It is a priority for Titan Series Mexico the care of the landscape and the environment in each of the areas of La Paz where the race go. The organization is responsible for collecting and recycling all waste that is caused during the 3 days that the sporting event takes place, both in the caravan camps and in the various places where Titan leaves its mark. The same happens with the hydration stations, where all the bottles that are delivered to the corridors are collected.

Cyclist through a regulated measure are prohibited from dirtying the race tracks. Before taking the exit of each stage all its objects such as bars and gels are labeled with the number of their number, in this way those who break the rule are penalized in time.

Once each stage is finished, there will be personnel in charge of removing all the arrows that mark the route for the cyclists, so as not to leave any permanent trace on the Mexican terrain.

ASDEPORTE and Titan Series México are committed to the environment and seek to raise awareness among the participants, through positive messages in the camps about care and (taking away) respect for the environment.

“Join the TITAN LIFE campaign and enjoy the experience in Titan Series Mexico”

ZERO Waste Commitment

Titan Series Mexico undertakes not to generate any waste as it passes through the locations where the race takes place.

For this, a series of actions are carried out:

Signal collection equipment: A broom team is established who supervises the route, collecting all the signals of the test, as well as the waste that the participants may have thrown.

Prohibition of waste disposal under sanction: The regulation includes a sanction for all those participants who throw some type of waste during the test.
For the good control of this norm, all of them are obliged to carry all the gels and bars that they carry with them marked with their bib number.

Truck Titan Life: We have a truck that will go from camp to camp dressed in Titan Life that will be where the garbage collected by the different CPs as well as by the sweeper is deposited. This will be taken to a waste treatment area.

Clean camps: Installation of wastebaskets throughout the camp that allow that when picking up the camp when the caravan leaves this place everything stays as if no one had passed.

There will also be a team in charge of supervising and cleaning the camps.

Titan Series, La Paz, Mexico.

“Titan Series… The best experience, a great challenge for those who break our own limits!”

Greg Ross, UK

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