The Camp

The adventure does not end after riding. At the end of each stage, you will arrive at a camp in the middle of the desert, where you can enjoy premium services but at the same time maintaining the essence of living like a real desert nomad.

The "Titan Spirit" is always present: the coexistence of the participants in the same camps, the same conditions and adventure will create bonds of friendship and solidarity between all competitors.

The camp is only for competitors and Staff, access to family members or any other person who is not registered to the event will not be allowed.


The Organizer Comitee will provide you all the accommodation and food that you need during the event. 

The night before the start and the first night of competition you will sleep at a campsite with premium services.

The second night of competition and the night after completing the race will be in a triple shared hotel room.

The Camp

The Organizer Comitee will provide the camping tents including all the necessary items so you can rest during the event.

Each participant will get: sleep pad / mattress, pillow, blankets, and towell.
Tents Capacity for 4 people: you can share with your Friends or teammates. 4 MAX

Restaurant Buffet / Bar

During all the camping you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which will be ready before your competition and will be waiting for you at the next camp.

We know that food and nutrition are a fundamental part of each competition, that is why all foods are focused for your recovery, contemplating a menu based for high performance athletes.

Inside the restaurant you can enjoy pasta and carbohydrates throughout the day (restaurant schedules are yet to be defined).


To move your luggage throughout the camps, we have a cloakroom service which will be responsible for safeguarding and moving your belongings from one camp to another while you compete, so when you finish each stage, you can approach the staff that will deliver your luggage (Security Service).

Additional Services

In the camp you can also found:

  • Showers: with hot water men and women divided.
  • Bathrooms: men and women divided.
  • Electric energy: charge your electronic devices.
  • Mechanical service.
  • Massage service.
  • Medical care.

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