La Paz, Mexico

Titan Series Mexico would not be possible without a country that welcomed it with open arms and that, in addition, will have landscapes of a unique and exceptional beauty.

The authorities and the inhabitants of the areas through which the test takes place receive with great enthusiasm and pleasure a career that in addition to publicizing the unique image of La Paz to the world also serves for all participants and volunteers to discover the great beauty of his territory.

La Paz is definitely a place that offers you top quality services without losing the charm of a still small, safe and cozy but cosmopolitan city that covers all your needs. It is the perfect place to enjoy beaches, landscapes, water activities, adventure and walks almost exclusively, thanks to its tranquility and its unique characteristics that make it a place away from the hustle and bustle.

Here you can do activities such as sighting of the gray whale, swimming with whale shark or diving and snorkeling in Espiritu Santo Island. You can also do a quiet walk visiting the magical town of Todos Santos and its majestic surroundings.

How to get La Paz

La Paz has an international airport with national and international connectivity and only 150 km away, with a 4-lane highway, is Los Cabos Airport. 1,480 km of trans peninsular highway to the north, through spectacular desert landscapes, connect Tijuana with La Paz, where you can visit the missions established in Baja California and Baja California Sur during colonization and evangelization from the end of the 17th century.

From Los Mochis or Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa, it is possible to reach La Paz by passenger ferries after a beautiful cruise on the Sea of Cortez. “


The beaches of La Paz are extraordinary and beautiful where privacy and relaxation are the order of the day, because they are located in a bay within the Gulf of California; this favors them so that they are calm and crystalline waters, ideal for children and adults to enjoy and to practice water activities without being an expert.

The continuation of the Malecon begins with a panoramic road and the first beach is just 5 minutes from the city: the traditional “El Coromuel spa”. Continuing to the north is the spectacular “Balandra beach”, a complex of small bays of white sands of low and calm waters. The “Balandra Fungus”, a rock formation modeled by erosion, is a symbol of the South California landscape. The road ends at the very popular “El Tecolote beach” ideal for sunbathing, giving access to live the experience of sailing in a kayak, observing giant manta rays and enjoying the most delicious dishes under a palapa at the seashore.

All these beaches can be reached comfortably by bus, leaving the Malecon tourist terminal or renting a car.

World Whale Capital

Between January and April of each year, both on the Pacific Ocean coast and in the Gulf of California, La Paz is visited by all kinds of whales.

The most representative is the Gray Whale, which migrates 20,000 km from the seas of Bering to the “Ojo de Liebre”, San Ignacio and Magdalena Bay lagoons in the Ports of López Mateos and San Carlos, which are located a few kilometers from La Paz . These cetaceans go to the seas of Baja California Sur during the months of December to March, in which some mate, while others give birth. They are peaceful and friendly in nature, which makes it easier for visitors to approach them to appreciate them. La Paz service providers will take you on a three-hour tour north of the city to observe them.

Another type of whales that visit the Gulf of California are; the Blue Whale, the largest in the world, between the months of March to July; the Humpback Whale that is observed from February to June; and the Pilot Whale, also known as Calderón Negro that can be observed from October to February.

Whale shark

The Whale Shark is one of the most captivating species on the planet, it is the “largest fish in the world” because it reaches up to 17 meters in length and 30 tons in weight. They are harmless sharks that feed exclusively on plankton and small fish. You can find it from the month of October until March near the Bay of La Paz.


Something that cannot be missed is its wonderful sunsets, which offer a magical setting with its pink tones, 365 days a year, and the best way to enjoy them is walking through the beautiful boardwalk that, adorned by sculptures, constitute the five kilometers of the most beautiful boardwalk in Mexico and that will undoubtedly give you exceptional satisfaction.

Touring the boardwalk is the favorite activity of “the La Paz”, in the company of the family. Many tourists who travel and stop to watch the yachts, sailboats, boats and boats in the bay also meet. On the Malecon you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as sports, cultural and artistic activities.

Marinas and Cruises

La Paz as the Gateway of the Sea of Cortez welcomes large cruises as well as ecotourism boats that offer tours in the Sea of Cortez to the islands and ports for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, birds and sea lions.

La Paz has several marinas that offer all the services to meet international standards from small boats and sailboats to mega yachts. La Paz has become the favorite place for maritime navigation lovers, providing a great diversity of unforgettable experiences and splendid places to visit.

Art and culture

The city of La Paz offers very attractive places to visit, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz located in the center of the city, being the place where the mission founded by the Jesuits was built in the 17th century and built by the Dominicans in 1861; has beautiful altarpieces restored from other missions.

Very close to the city center is the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, (INAH). When touring its recently remodeled rooms you will know the history of the state, from its pre-Columbian cultures to the Independent Mexico.

There is also the "Museum of the Whale and Marine Sciences", where you can meet the species that inhabit the Sea of Cortez.

The Historic Center, in this area the State Government has rescued public buildings for the dissemination and promotion of art and culture. In the Old Government House of the Territory is the Center for Popular Cultures, where art and tradition exhibitions of the state and the rest of the country are appreciated.

The buildings of the Old Municipal Palace and the Juárez Theater were also recovered, centenary buildings that today house the La Paz Cultural Center, a site of permanent and temporary historical and artistic exhibitions, as well as spaces for music, artistic and theatrical presentations.

Be sure to visit the Serpentarium of La Paz that has a large collection of reptiles and desert animals such as turtles, iguanas, snakes, crocodiles and arachnids.

Gastronomy and Nightlife

La Paz has an interesting gastronomic offer for tourists. As you can expect from a state with 20% of the country's coastline, the most traditional food is always related to the sea. The classic fish and shrimp tacos and even lobster tacos, octopus cocktails or ax callus, stuffed clam or crush blanket during the mornings, in any of the specialized restaurants or the stalls in the downtown area, are unique.

For lovers of good food, enjoying the local cuisine can be as important as the activities they do.
The chefs and restaurants of La Paz have the passion and offer unique culinary experiences.
To enjoy the sunset and the mild nights of La Paz, the downtown area - especially the Malecon - has an excellent variety of cafes, bars and nightclubs, which allow you to enjoy the nights on its terraces and tables overlooking the sea or Nightclubs with live music and dance floors.

The people in La Paz are attentive and efficient for the service and the tourist area is quiet, safe and reliable to enjoy the night.

All Saints

Todos Santos, a “Magic Town” that is located 82 km south of La Paz, is a fertile and welcoming oasis, with temperatures lower than those of the city of La Paz and on the Pacific Ocean coast. In recent years it has become an outstanding cultural point, since its traditional architecture is being rescued and used as hotels, galleries and restaurants. Many national and foreign painters have migrated to “Todos Santos”, making it a great art and craft gallery, as well as being the venue for music, art, film and culinary festivals throughout the year.

Holy Spirit Island

Espiritu Santo Island, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the closest to the bay of La Paz; it is located just 25 km from the city in a straight line and is the most beautiful of all the islands of the Sea of Cortés Its great contrasts between the reddish color of its limestone, the turquoise blue of its sea and its beautiful sunsets make it an admirable setting.

Currently, it is visited by an increasing number of users, mainly tourists attracted by its conservation values ​​and the opportunity to enjoy nature in conditions of minimal human impact. Espiritu Santo Island has been considered one of the best places in the world to dive and snorkel, for its abundant marine life. On the northern tip is Los Islotes, housing one of the largest permanent sea lion communities in the world, and where you can interact with them in a friendly way.

The seductive tranquility of its many beaches and the pristine surroundings are its main attractions. Its attributes can be enjoyed in various ways. Observing its flora and fauna on board a boat, walking on its ten authorized trails, or resting on its more than twenty beaches intended for recreation and camping.

El Triunfo y San Antonio

San Antonio y El Triunfo son dos poblados de gran importancia histórica que se encuentran por la carretera transpeninsular, a solo 50 km al sur de La Paz. El Triunfo es un antiguo pueblo minero con viejas construcciones, casonas remodeladas y enormes chimeneas que sobrevivieron al paso del tiempo. La chimenea principal de la mina conocida como “La Ramona” de casi 47 metros de altura fue diseñada por Gustav Eiffel y puede apreciarse desde la carretera. El Triunfo es también la sede del Museo de la Música.

San Antonio es el pueblo anfitrión de un festival de arte; sus calles y fachadas han sido restauradas para convertirlas en una agradable visita cultural, histórica y artesanal.

A sólo 43 km de La Paz, en esta misma carretera transpeninsular, se ubica el jardín botánico Santuario de los Cactus, dentro del ejido El Rosario, en una zona con el clima adecuado para la conservación de cactáceas y otras especies de plantas del desierto.

Deportes Acuáticos

La Paz tiene una cantidad increíble de escenarios para practicar infinidad de deportes y actividades acuáticas. Las condiciones durante todo el año son ideales para el buceo y el snorkel, siendo la temporada de otoño la preferida por la temperatura y claridad del agua. Isla Espíritu Santo, por ejemplo, cuenta con un arrecife artificial, el buque Salvatierra, que fue hundido con ese propósito en 1999.

La zona de La Lobera, en la punta de Isla Partida, ofrece la experiencia de bucear con lobos marinos, con el atractivo adicional de que los más jóvenes se acercan a jugar y nadar con los buzos.

El kayak o el “stand up paddle board”, para principiantes o profesionales, puede practicarse desde la ensenada de La Paz, en playas cercanas a la ciudad o para quienes busquen los paisajes más espectaculares, alrededor de las Islas.

Las olas grandes, la delicia de todo fanático del surf, se encuentran en las playas de Pescadero y Los Cerritos, cercanas al Pueblo Mágico de Todos Santos. En donde además, se disfruta de una excelente zona para acampar con clima templado y maravillosos atardeceres.

La zona de “La Ventana”, es reconocida como una de las mejores playas para la práctica del Kite Surf y el Wind Surf, gracias a sus estables vientos de mediados de octubre hasta abril, además por su larga playa en forma de “L” con vientos sideshore o cruzados.

Pesca Deportiva

La Paz y sus alrededores poseen una riqueza extraordinaria de grandes peces pelágicos. Entre los más codiciados se encuentran el marlín rayado, el marlín azul y el marlín negro, el dorado, el pez gallo, y el atún, por lo que este lugar se ha convertido ya en un paraíso internacional para la pesca deportiva, una de las actividades más populares en el ramo turístico.

En el municipio de La Paz, se encuentra la zona de Cabo del Este que comprende a las comunidades de Los Barriles, Ensenada de Muertos, La Ventana y El Sargento, aproximadamente a 70 km al sur de la capital, en el Mar de Cortés; en este lugar existe una gran cantidad de prestadores de servicios con embarcaciones completamente equipadas para llevarlo en un extraordinario viaje de pesca.


Si lo que a usted le apasiona es el golf, La Paz pone a sus pies 2 campos de clase mundial.


El primer campo de Golf en México, diseñado por Gary Player de 18 hoyos, par 72 y 7.082 yardas, realmente inspirador y al mismo tiempo un verdadero reto. El diseño del campo ofrece suaves colinas, amplios greens ondulados y la oportunidad de usar todos y cada uno de sus bastones mientras disfruta de una vista espectacular de la Bahía.


Un gran diseño de Arthur Hills, de par 72 y 7.100 yardas. Está perfectamente entretejido en el entorno natural de la península en la que se ubica. La ruta de 18 hoyos, está repleta de cactus ocotillo, vista al mar y vientos del mar en contraste con las dunas de arena.

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